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Jake and Amir are two best friends that work together, live together, and play together. We're not really best friends, so don't type that. Yes we are. No we aren't, and we also don't live together. Whatever. Not whatever. Dinner tonight? Nope.

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Jun 9

We’re coming back to London!

Monday. September 8. At the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, we’ll be doing two shows:

1) A live sketch/standup show (with Streeter) that starts at 19:30. (tickets available here)

2) A live “If I Were You” Podcast (with Streeter) that starts at 22:00. (tickets available here)

You can buy tickets to one show or both! Looking forward to returning and seeing all of your beautiful British faces…

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Episode 82: Baby Dick (live at the Hollywood Improv!)


In this episode we discuss nicknames, premature ejaculation, and slam poetry.

This episode is brought to you by SquareSpace.com — The best, most affordable way to create a professional looking website.

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Jun 2

Episode 81: Hot Pizza


In this episode we discuss whether you should sleep with somebody your friends have already slept with, and also pornography…

This episode is brought to you by NatureBox! The best way to get nutritious AND delicious snacks to your door. Use this link to get 50% off your first box! This episode is also brought to you by the film “The Signal” in theaters everywhere June 13.

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May 29

Outtakes to “Tinder”

Just posted outtakes to yesterdays episode over on our Facebook Page

And if you think we’re posting this as a link instead of an embedded video because we couldn’t “figure out” how to put the video here… you are correct.

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May 26

Episode 80: Ultimatum


In this episode we discuss marijuana, tattoos, and nude pics...

Note: Now that we are on the PodcastOne Network, we will be uploading the show to our page there! You can also download the show there by clicking on the arrow icon to the left of every episode. PodcastOne also has an Android App and an iOS App. And you can still get the show on iTunes and on this here site every Monday! (…And sometimes Thursday.) Todah.

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May 22

Episode 79: Persistence


In this episode we discuss the trials and tribulations of being attractive, and joining a new podcast network!

This episode is brought to you by OurTunez.com! The best way to discover new music on your computer or iPhone.

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