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Apr 12

Jake and Amir Script Archive!

Oh Sheesh Y’all, tis a reality! What was a dream two months ago is now fully realized: The world’s most (and only) comprehensive Jake and Amir Script Database is complete.

Thanks to 158 different contributors on Reddit, we were able to transcribe all 596 episodes of our webseries into a searchable directory. (Special thanks to users PBDolphin23 and seeegma for transcribing over 125 episodes by themselves! And to user Take_the_RideX for spearheading the entire mission.)

The next step is creating a website that allows you to search a line or word from any episode and have that episode appear as a search result.

For now, you can search the subreddit by clicking here, and the corresponding scripts will come up. So if you ever remembered a line (“Are you really not coming on a walk with me?”) but can’t remember what episode it’s from, (“Files”) or you’re just curious to see how many episodes we bring up Leron (30) give it a shot.

Again, thank you so much, this is why we have the best fans in the world! …And will users PBdolphin23, seeegma, and schmerpin contact us on reddit so we can give you your autographed T-shirt! 

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