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Jake and Amir are two best friends that work together, live together, and play together. We're not really best friends, so don't type that. Yes we are. No we aren't, and we also don't live together. Whatever. Not whatever. Dinner tonight? Nope.

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May 31

Contest Winner Announcement!

We were so pumped to receive over 1,400 submissions to the “Write an Episode of Jake and Amir" contest. Each one was so funny and unique in their own way. It was nearly impossible choosing an absolute favorite, but after much deliberation we decided on a script called "Crabs" by Mike and Stefan as our winner.

Thanks so much to everybody who sent in scripts! It’s not easy writing a Jake and Amir (trust us, we know), so we appreciate each and every one of you who decided to submit — we read them all. 

Barring a huge accident, look out for “Jake and Amir: Crabs” by Mike and Stefan coming in a few weeks! Huge accident? Yeah like if you get into a traffic accident or accidentally injure yourself, we won’t be able to shoot the video. Why would you say that? I dunno, I’m just being real I guess. 

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